Sent NZ Wide

Delivered to your door ready for Install.

Our screens will come with install instructions if you live outside the Nelson region.


Made in Nelson, NZ

We operate a secure and safe manufacturing facility. Strict COVID-19 health guidelines and working requirements are followed to ensure saftey to our workers.

Made to Measure

Our standard screens have an approximately drop of 1500mm, made to any width up to 4m.


about us

We are a NZ based industrial textiles fabricator Mortimer Upholstery & Marine Covers. Wanting to protect our own staff and customers from the risk of Covid-19 we designed and manufactured a protection screen that would act as a barrier stopping any of the pathogens that may leave the mouth when coughing or talking. Other Nelson based businesses heard of the safety screen through social media and quickly requested the product to help meet the Government's health guidelines while operating as an essential service.

Health Sector PVC Screens


People working in healthcare are doing a fantastic job of protecting and caring for the people of NZ. They are the most vulnerable.

PVC protection screens will reduce the spread of pathogens from coughing and spitting when talking which will reduce the risk of infection.

Our clients have told us that our PVC safe screens make them feel more comfortable and safe when they are at work.


Food Production


Keeping staff apart in factories can be pretty much impossible without reducing production by well over 50%.

We can manufacture Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) in our clear PVC Protection Screens or Curtains for most applications.

We have fully converted our factory to manufacturing Screens and Curtains during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

If your standard factory production area has your staff working within 2 metres of one another, installing our PVC Protection Screens between each worker will meet Worksafe and Ministry of Health Covid-19 requirements.

Frontline Services


Working in frontline services can be a thankless task but these are essential businesses that keep NZ operating.

Working in a Dairy, Pharmacy, Bank, Supermarket or a service station all requires face to face customer service.

PVC protection screens not only protect the health of operators but will also make your team members feel more settled and comfortable in the workplace.



We designed a very practical and effective method of protecting yourself and others with the spread of COVID-19. These have been extremely popular. Comfortable to wear and don’t look out of place. We manufacture locally and offer extremely quick turnaround. $25.00 per cap.


common questions

Below are some of the common questions we have received. Please do not hesitate to get in contact to discuss your unique requirements.
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How tall and wide can you make the screens?

All PVC protection screens are 1400mm drop and can be manufactured up to 4m wide. If you need longer we can simply provide you with more than another protection screen to make up the required distance.

Can you ship them outside of Nelson?

Yes! We can ship nationwide to your business. Installation is super easy and we will provide instructions on how to do so.

Who Installs the screens?

We can install the protective screens for you if you are in the Nelson region however we will provide you with clear instructions if your outside the Tasman region.

How quickly can you make them?

Our priority is for you to get your PVC safety screen as soon as possible so you can protect your business. We will let you know dispatch time before we finalise your order. Our turn around time depends on the demand of our product at the time of your inquiry as we manufacture in house.

"Cheers Caleb, the screen has been really well received by our customers who appreciate the extra protection. 👍🏻”
Caltex Bishopdale Nelson
Installed PVC Protective Counter Screen