PVC Protection Screens for food producers and distributors.
Keeping staff apart in factories can be pretty much impossible without reducing production by well over 50%. We can manufacture Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) in our clear PVC Protection Screens or Curtains for most applications. We have fully converted our factory to manufacturing Screens and Curtains during the current Covid-19 pandemic. If your standard factory production area has your staff working within 2 metres of one another, installing our PVC Protection Screens between each worker will meet Worksafe and Ministry of Health Covid-19 requirements.
Clear PVC Protective Screens
  • Protect yourself from Covid-19
  • Protect your staff
  • Protect your customers
  • Quick turn-around
  • Protect exposed areas
  • Great for healthcare facilities
  • Great for any business

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Food Production
  • PVC Protection Screens for food producers and distributors. All our PVC Protection Screens are 1400m in drop and have a maximum width of 4m. All we need to know is the width of the area you want to protect.
  • Our PVC Safety Screens can be adjusted in height using the adjustment cord to position the PVC Safety Screen to the required height.
  • Custom solutions. Please contact us with your situation and we can help find a solution using our PVC Screns. We have worked with local food producers to design custom screens that can keep the factory working at full capacity.
  • Our screens are also designed to work around people and machinery and being as less intrusive as possible to not affect productivity.
  • We also manufacture PVC Safety Screens for eating areas where people have to be segregated to meet the 2m distancing requirements.

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